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Some traditions say that having children is the same as attaining immortality. The View is an American morning talk show in which current events are discussed by a panel of women with radically diverse political beliefs ranging from Democratic Party neoconservatism all the way to Republican Party neoconservatism. Joy Behar introduced the topic, with her only criticism of the smear campaign against Omar being that Democrats are targeting their own instead of Trump. As we discussed recently , the accusations of antisemitism against Jeremy Corbyn are an entirely baseless smear which only emerged when the UK establishment found itself facing the very real prospect of having a government led by a populist leftist who believes in economic justice, ending wars, and supporting Palestinian rights. With Omar the same smear campaign is being used to marginalize an outspoken mainstream voice who is criticizing US foreign policy not just with regard to Israel, but with targets for US regime change interventionism like Venezuela as well.

McCain quickly Tweeted a scathing retort to Ingraham:. It is widely reported that McCain did exactly this, but to the great disappointment of the general public, Ingraham's show is broadcast on the radiowhere McCain's ass could not be seen, but merely heard, in low, rumbling tones.

Also audible were Ingraham's screams of terror as McCain's ass, apparently, engulfed and devoured her.

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An American political issue had been born. Within weeks, Gallup acquired the following polling data:.

Mccain the ass

The campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain quickly concluded that the election could not be won unless the issue of Meghan McCain's rear was addressed to the satisfaction of the voters. In particular, both Evangelicals and African Americans - groups typically on opposite sides of the political aisle - rated this one of their most important issues, even suggesting that they would change their party affiliation based on its stance on McCain's bottom.

McCain delegated the issue to his running mate, Sarah Palinbecause voters had long ago forgotten that it was he, and not Palin, who was running for President.

Palin quickly won over both Evangelicals and African Americans by applying her down-home brand of commonsense conservatism to Meghan McCain's butt, including the following excerpt from the Vice Presidential debate with Joe Biden :.

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In comparison, Obama's response to the controversy was notably more muted; for several months, he protested the impropriety of even discussing the issue of McCain's caboose. Americans began to become dissatisfied with his extended silence on the issue, and his poll numbers began to droop.

Finally, in a September press conference, after waving off literally dozens of questions about his opponent's daughter's rear, a reporter in the back yelled "Senator, just tell us what you think of Meghan's butt already!

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Obama received no small measure of criticism for this statement. Fox News accused him of engaging in racial politics, asserting that Palin had shown greater support for Meghan's ass than he had and should therefore rightfully be entitled to the African American vote. Rush Limbaugh accused Obama of stealing material from his radio show, demonstrating that, just weeks prior, he had indeed referred to the young McCain's butt as a "juicy double" and suggested that she was in possession of "a motor in the back of her Honda.

Byno one cared about Meghan McCain's ass anymore, in no small part because the word "ass" in the English language had been largely replaced by the word "Kardashian," and McCain's own Kardashian, while generously proportioned, was not considered to be up to Kardashian standards.

Several of McCain's friends, speaking on condition of anonymity, reported to the press that McCain had become depressed by this turn of events, and that she missed the attention that had been lavished upon her tush.

For several months, McCain's Twitter account sat mysteriously silent, a likely testimonial to her emotional funk.

The ass of Meghan McCain, daughter of presidential candidate John McCain, was a major issue in the U.S. Presidential Election, and is sometimes credited with the election of Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States. Jan 21, Meghan McCain says she reacted to the New York Times editorial board's dual endorsement of senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar by "laughing my ass Author: Lindsey Ellefson. Claim: Former senator John McCain started a fire as a young pilot aboard an aircraft carrier that killed sailors because he was showing True.

Finally, in Octobermotivated by a sense of loneliness and the growing urge of her ass to feed again, McCain posted a provocative picture of herself holding a biography of Andy Warhol, accompanied by the following Tweet:. Reaction to this event was significantly muted compared to the furor, but did spawn a certain amount of pointless debate over whether McCain's breasts legitimately qualified as a secondary ass.

Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy address Ukraine protesters

Ultimately, the public consensus was that they did not, and that the young McCain was trying to pull a fast one over the public. It took one young woman of courage and high Islamic principles to do what hundreds of men could not. Here the underbelly of the McCain sins will twist the mind of the law abiding citizen Oxymoron. Zionism runs in their blood, and when researching the Jewish Mafia, one finds that the printed press is controlled by the latter Now, is this a statement of anti-Semitic rhetoric?

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To coin a phrase Is it hate speak the truth is fundamental to inquire about rumor and substance. Yet, the average propagandized citizen of OZ, cannot peak behind the curtain of fractured history and the pen of the victors controlling the conditioned narrative of the mafia media.

Yes and Yes This Hewish culture has been demonized for millennia and they had to become stealthy to survive in a world of Christian haters perverted by the Popes of religious dope Zealots and the false religion of Churchianity.

Zionist Christians on the dumb down, dumbed up to except Jewidism as Christian philosophy This is the current state of Zionist Churchianity that supports Israel and the state of Rothschild English Belfour created banker hegemony here is where most Jews get the short end of the stick.

They are subject to the evils of Churchianitity and the Zionist plague of those that say they are Jews and are not. Yes folks, the sins of the twentieth century church! The first century church has been usurped by the long term effects of religious rhetoric and the inquisition of Papal Jewidism You may say what does it matter?

And you would be right!

Meghan McCain Is A Fake, Blubbering Asshole

Because the story of Jesus is a Jewish story and Goyim Christians have excepted Jewidism as their second religion, In fact, many orthodox Jewish rabbis say that Christianity is a Idolatry religion.

This all makes sense in the matrix of the Jewish story and the flatulence of the romans and Jews that conjured the story and called it the new testament?

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But most of us have no clue who is running the political Dichotomy of Sodomy, a phraseology used to describe democracy and mob rule. Much money passes the fulcrum of Sunday morning Christian Judiacs as the plate of plenty is passed thru the pews of praying idolaters and the Zionist preaching from the pulpit of Papal Dope. What is my point?

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Am I a Christian or a Jew??? And is McCain just as stupid in her rhetoric of truth by deception the latter an oxymoron, because she would not know her ass from the condition of her pathetic education of intelligencia dogma false narrative, any more than the rest of the citizens of OZ that think politics in not a religion!

The Mafioso is what politic is all aboutand those that think they are sane intellectuals are nothing more than pied pipers of papal dopamine.

This, even the drug lords are unable to control the flow of dumfounded logic Hell is on earth in the form of politic and the sinners are us! I have seen the enemy in the mirror of time and somehow see the image, I see is ME!

Jul 23, McCain all by himself nearly sank a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier McCain, when a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy was a Navy pilot (they call themselves aviators). July 29, while on the deck and in his plane on the carrier U.S.S. Forrestal he managed to screw up procedures (officially denied and covered up by him and the Navy and also even promoted on Wikipedia if you . Meghan McCain Is A Fake, Blubbering Asshole Some traditions say that having children is the same as attaining immortality. In the case of Meghan McCain, the apple certainly didn't fall far from the warmongering psychopath. Of course, McCain's willingness to do that bare-ass minimum, rare as it was, did set him apart from his Republican colleagues at times. He bucked his party after 9/11 by opposing the use of torture; in one of the last major votes of his life, he urged the Senate to reject the confirmation of CIA director Gina Hl, who oversaw Paul Blest.

Lord forgive my sin! It pains me to read the words these people spout. Do they not realize they are behaving like chronically dishonest idiots - meaning bad liars.

Please america listen, this is what is running the show in our government, these are the political mainstream, influencers. Just please listen and ask yourself: Does this really make sense? Omar and Gabber are shining a bright light on the zombie cockroaches serving as our representatives and they are squealing in horror.

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Let it ring-out! We should try to start a rumor that watching The View will cause you to go blindkinda like the way adults used to try to convince kids that masturbation was bad for them. The nice thing is that in the former caseunlike the latterthe rumor would be largely correct.

Will have to have more coffee and try again. I got to before I shut it down. I could actually hear my neurons popping as they committed mass suicide.

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A warning would indeed be appropriate. Anti-Semitism was epitomized by those with such extreme hate that they killed all Jews via pograms and the 3rd Reich directed holocaust over centuries.

This was not a decision made without foresight. As is said, history rhymes but does not exactly repeat. Israel as a nuclear power that will never allow a systematic slaughter of Jews to occur again. So human barbarism has moved on to other targets and the last decade suggests those targets may be Muslims. Secondly, Israel and Muslims are in bed together mate, for the benifit of Israel of course.

price liberty

It only existed from to This is bad, because there are actual, evil anti-semites out there and if the term is discredited it helps them. The only thing that matters is whether what is being said is true or not and the Michael Tracey quote nailed the Truth. And that is what has the jewish puppet masters in an uproar.

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