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So a deaf person might not think to themselves "Oh I want to eat an orange" they would picture an orange, imagine the taste or some other defining characteristic of an orange and from there decide to eat the orange. I am not deaf, so I am not sure. My guess is is doesn't- I don't think the can really comprehend the notion of sound if they have never heard anything. Kind of like blindness; they don't see black, they see nothing. I feel like their thought processes would be much more focused on images than sounds.

Who is to say it does not stop at midnight each day and Keifer Sutherland gives us all injections changing who we are? Atoms are made of quantum particles, and quantum particles are just excitations in the quantum field. The quantum field is all around us, even in empty space. When you move, the excitations are traveling along the quantum field. You are now made up of a different part of the quantum field.

Same excitations, but a different part of the quantum field. Just by existing, matter travels at the speed of light at all times. There are two directions for it to travel, through space, or through time.


Light travels through space very fast but almost not at all through time, so it almost appears to be existing in more than one place at the same time. We, as matter, travel through time instead of space, so we can appear to be still. The closer to light speed our matter travels, the slower through time we will be traveling relative to those who are still.

Source: tried to be an astrophysics major for two and a half years, gave up after a semester of quantum. In math, one group of infinite numbers can be larger than another group of infinite numbers, wrinkles my brain. So suppose you have a list of every real number between 0 and 1. Then you can write them out like this:. There are many ways to do it, but one way to make the digits different is to just add 1 to each digit and wrap 9 around to 0.

This gives us:. Now, this number is guaranteed to not be in the list.

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Think about it. If you haven't figured it out, it can't be equal to the nth number because it will differ in the nth digit. This is true for any n, so, the entire list.

problem shared

This is a paradox! But actually not. We made an incorrect assumption at the beginning, which is that we can make an infinite list of every real number between 0 and 1. Actually, that is impossible. If you make any infinite list of the real numbers, we have just proved that it won't contain all of them. But the integers can be listed just fine.

This means the set of all real numbers is bigger than the set of all integers. This also means there are at least two types of infinity: countable infinity integers and uncountable infinity realswhere uncountable is larger than countable.

If the Continuum hypothesis is false, there could even be infinities between countable and uncountable. This proof is by the brilliant Mathematician Georg Cantor. It is called "Cantor's Diagonal Argument. What if you can only travel from one time machine to another, and a time machine has to already exist in order for the jumps to be made.

It's like teleportation, but in another dimension. Time travel would be possible, but only with a proper time travel receiver. I just got back from living in China for a year and I will honestly say I remember seeing plenty of children ranging all ages, but for the life of me, right now, I can't remember seeing any pregnant women. This is legitimately fucking with me. I actually did live there for about 5 years, and I remember seeing a few pregnant women, including one at my job.

I think one factor that makes them less visible is that the Chinese are pretty fanatical about what pregnant women and new mothers should and shouldn't do physically. The woman at my work sat at her computer for 3 months with what amounted to a lead X-ray apron on her belly because the doctors had warned her about 'radiation' from electronics. So many don't go out unless it's necessary.

what you fancy

What the? You make me dance, bring me up, bring me down, play it sweet Make me move like a freak, Mr. Bax O'Fish. And that's why the alphabet is the way it is. If it was any other way we'd have two S's and no Y's. Thanks man. I was beginning to think I wasn't going to read anything here that hasn't fucked my mind before, this did it.

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Why is there an order? Why do they teach it to us? And as far as the alphabet goes, it's just the collective of 2-dimensional shapes we use to communicate, innit? It's activated parts of my brain, thanks again. The order doesn't matter, but that order causes order. We are all on the same page because of that order. It makes sense to have an order to teach letters because you learn them faster that way.

Brains love to make associations between ideas and accept them more quickly, even if the associations don't actually make logical sense. It also makes sense to have a standard for alphabetical order because that allows you to more efficiently store and look up piles of things with written names, such as books and files. For example, if I'm looking for a book that starts with a "W", I can confidently skip to the end of the shelf.

I can't do this if they're ordered randomly.

The Psycho Realm - Mind Fuck (Featuring Murs)

What really surprises me is that the ordering that we use is ridiculously old it's still recognisable in languages thousands of years agoand nobody knows who decided on the order and successfully enforced such a universal standard. Considering that it was only a few centuries ago that English had standardised spelling, it seems amazing that alphabetical is many many times older. Also the first two letters of the greek alphabet are 'alpha' and 'beta'.

I flipped my shit when I learned that. Test1, WPM. Test2, WPM. Test3, WPM. If I were using this to read a page novel, I would end up sneezing and then have to figure out where the heck I was.

I think the best implementation would be that it keeps going as long as you are touching the screen but pauses as soon as you remove your finger.

I would be willing to give it a try on a good Steven King short story.

To me the mind is where it all happens. Yeah rubbing groin against groin is fine but it is the mind rubbing against the mind, where it goes off. I, as a Dom, need to get inside the head of my sub in order to push them towards their limits, to be able to read their emotions and moods, knowing, almost before they actually know themselves, what it. Oct 15, Read all of the posts by hardmindfuck on MINDFUCK Blog. Apr 29, The Art of the Mindfuck. So what the fucking fuck is a mindfuck? The answer, in a nutshell, is that it's psychological manipulation. Within the confines of BDSM, it's an attempt to intentionally temporarily destabilize, confuse, or manipulate the mind of your play partner, with the goal of releasing endorphins and adrenaline into their.

It is a surprisingly effective system. I always had an internal voice. I can't get rid of that. Apparently you're not supposed to say the words in your head, but my internal voice just gets faster.

And how exactly does one read without that internal voice? The idea behind speed reading is so you don't use that voice anymore. Basically, most people tend to read "aloud" in their heads and its usually around the same speed of you actually speaking. If you get rid of that voice, you can read incredibly quickly while still retaining the information. At least that's my rudimentary knowledge of it, it's probably more technical then that, but that's what I've heard.

What the fuck is with the red letter in the middle of each word. And what diabolical message is it spelling in my subconscious?

It places the word in the most natural spot that requires the least amount of eye movement to read the word. What blows me away is humans as a whole. Just thinking that everyone in the world must experience life as vividly as I. With their own fears, opinions, goals.

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Every time you go out in public you see humans that you never talk to. They're like background characters to my story, and yet I am just the same to them. Edit edit: okay, it's sonder. I just want to thank you guys for leaving your comments with me.

I appreciate being a background character in all your lives, even for an infinitesimal amount of time. All the time. Sometimes I just stare at people for a few seconds and try to imagine how they see everything going on around them.

Mind fuck blog

Then I snap out of it before I look like a creeper eye-ballin someone. Edit: Wow crazy to see how this blew up, it's good to see so many people interested in Henrietta's Story.

is (de)motivating u since Contribute to the C4S Blog! All posts tagged in: Mind Fuck. One On One Interviews. One On One Interview: Queen Sirene Written by Clips4Sale. 1)What is/are your store name(s) and number(s)? My store name is Queen Sirene's Dungeon, # View More. Views. One On One Interviews. You probably know nothing, even the name, of your ancestors who preceded you by four or five generations or more. An entire life without which you wouldn't be reading this now, and you have no idea who they are, what they were interested in, cared about, who they loved and hated, who their friends were, the saddest moments of their lives, as well as the happiest.

Edit: Just to add a little more information, Henrietta Lacks cell were taken without her permission, till this day her family has not been compensated. Their mind will start to run with it.

tide lifts

If other people are involved, make sure they know exactly how you want the scene to play out. Make sure they know how you want them to respond in case your partner begins to figure out the mindfuck, and even how they should respond in case of emergency. In most mindfucks there will be subversion, often in the form of a bait and switch. Make sure you find a way to make it as undetectable as possible for the bottom.

However, when they arrive a van drives up and two masked men jump out with knives in their hand.

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The bottom is taken out with their head sack still on, and attached by their wrists to a chain hanging from the ceiling. One of the co-conspirators speaks to them in a threatening tone, and asks for the whereabouts of their partner you. When they respond, the co-conspirator can lose their temper while you approach them and put them in a choke hold from behind. You can then take a credit card which they will assume is one of the knives they saw earlier and trace the edge along the skin on the side of their face and under their chin, while the other person continues to interrogate them.

The scene can go where ever you want it to. It can be a simple interrogation or full out gang rape. You might choose to do this towards the end of the scene, or as part of the Aftercare.


Either way it is a jarring experience for the bottom, and they may be in a state of shock and complete disbelief at first. Example: There are at least two ways this abduction scene could go. You could choose to speak in a threatening voice yourself, which would momentarily confuse them as their overstimulated brain tries to work out what is happening. Otherwise, you could finish torturing them and leave them bound on the floor for a few minutesthen return as their saviour, removing the sack and chains and consoling them.

Depending on the severity of the mindfuck, they may need to spend hours or days with you, and you might need to reassure that they were never in any real harm and that you were looking out for them.

So how did the piss mindfuck that I mentioned at the beginning of the article work? It was quite simple, yet complex enough to completely fool her at the time.

Natasha's Bedroom Mesmerize Mind Fuck mind control mesmerizing brainwashing brainwash Hypnotic Mental female domination addiction brunette sub training slave training submissive 0

Before beginning the mindfuck I had made a point of planting seeds by telling her how much I wanted to mark her as mind by pissing on her. I constructed a stand-in penis by poking a hole in the cap of a juice container and gluing a thin piece of tubing in the hole.

knowledge dangerous thing

I filled the container up with water almost all the way to the top and hid it in the bathroom. Then I made a point of drinking a lot of water in front of her throughout the day.

spoil the ship

A bit before starting the mindfuck I pissed into a glass and hid that in the washroom under the same towel as the modified juice container. Wntsome 48M. Mmmmmm so hot and sexy, gets the mind working. Tckg12 65M. Thank you, Mr. Aislin 35F. HappyHertsMan 53M. To me the mind is where it all happens. MasonO 50M. DancingDom 70M. I like this, thank you for posting. Nice poem.

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