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Somehow we ended up sleeping together. How do I get him to pay attention to me again? Is he weirded out that we had sex? Ariel, there are millions of women who have been in the exact same situation as you have been so we are going to tell you exactly what is happening here. Let us explain this as simply and kindly as possible.

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After orgasm, the increase in oxytocin provides a super soothing effect that causes guys to crave a nap. If he falls asleep, well, he's just being a dude.

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He Goes to the Bathroom. His first post-sex stop is always the bathroom. The reason? He Leaves Right Away.

Question: I am a year-old male, very healthy, active, and fit. I've been married for five years and have a very healthy, satisfying sex life. There are times after having intercourse and Author: Louanne Cole Weston, Phd. Dec 28, There's a common nighttime occurrence happening in bedrooms around the world: After sex, men fall into a deep sleep, while women everywhere lay . Sep 01, Shutterstock. No, showering after sex is unlikely to lessen your chances of contracting an STI. What it probably will do, however, is make for a enjoyable shared experience, a way to come down after your high and feel refreshed before hitting the hay or doing something else with your day.

If it happens once, okay. But if it's pretty consistent, this is a huge red flag, says Walsh.

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If you want this one to be a boyfriend, insist he stay or give him the permanent boot. We now know that sex doesn't burn that many caloriesso why does he need a snack after you get down?

Male after sex

Unlike women, guys must take into account their refractory period before they can consider having sex again. Lee, M.

Men tend to pull away after sex because even though they also get a flood of hormones like oxytocin just like a woman, they also experience a decrease in testosterone. This is also why a man will temporarily stop the "chase" once he's has sex with you. Feb 14, Sure, it's hard to know what a guy's thinking at any given time, but experts swear that the way he acts after sex can give some serious insight into what's going on in his head. Apr 10, Find out what the male refractory period means for how long you need to wait to have an orgasm after you just had sex.

However, estimates range from 30 minutes to 24 hours, and it likely increases with age, according to a new review in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

But research suggests that post-orgasmic spikes in the hormone prolactin-which hinders arousal and ejaculation-may contribute. Certain lifestyle factors might also play a role.

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Drinking alcohol or masturbating regularly could further extend the time it takes you to recharge, says Dr. But there is a lot of mental anguish as I decide what to do.

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It's bad, but guys do like to gossip. Even as I'm lying there the next morning, I'm going over the story and the order of friends I will tell.

What a Guy Is Thinking After Sex

I have no idea who she's been with, and who her partners have been with. Did She Enjoy It?

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Performance Review. Once you get into a serious relationship, you care a lot more about performance.

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After sex, I'll wonder if she enjoyed it - but it feels too cheesy to ask her if she did. This is when I debate over whether she orgasmed or faked or whatever. I'd never make it on Broadway.

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In addition to wondering if my girlfriend enjoyed sex, I go over every little negative detail like a flawed audition. What did it mean when she kind of laughed? And how embarrassing was it when the condom slipped off?

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That can only mean bad: Either I wasn't hard enoughor I was too small for it. And because I'm never sure if anything was good, I can only dwell on the bad things.

Men Are More Logical After Sex

I try to be sensitive to how a girl feels right after sex.

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