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On this one occasion Dixie had to have a package of Old Gold cigarettes. She said Dixie drove her Chevrolet coupe to a smoke shop to pick up the cigarettes. She said that they were both nude, and they walked into the shop to pick up some cigarettes. I asked her if anyone said anything to them or complained to them about being nude. She said no, everyone just minded their own business. I asked her if the men in the store stared or made cat calls or anything.

She said that there was a guy who whistled, but she said both her and her friend took that as a compliment. I asked her if that was all that happened, and she said yes. I asked her if it was common for people to go the store nude back then or ride around in cars and trucks nude and she said she saw it almost everyday.

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She said back then no one thought anything of it. It was common to see that in those days, but it never was mentioned in the newspapers or in the news like it would be today.

Staff, we think that would be a good idea, this conversation has gotten quite long and spans a year and a half. That being said my experiences primarily were from the mid 50s to the mid 60s, so things were probably becoming scrutinized by others. Sadly none of what your grandmother did or what I experienced could be experienced today becuse we have become society prudes.

I agree that society has become much more prudish. It was just what they did. There are still parts of Texas in which public nudity is still legal. The high school she attended is near Dallas, Texas. Nudity is no longer legal there, but it is in Austin, Texss. The old school building and gym where she had classes and swam was torn down in the mid s.

I did find a blog that mentioned a woman from California had to do nude P. So, it seems there were other schools that made it a requirement for girls to do nude P. What was the name of the town? What was the name of the school?

Male nude pool

Ranger, Texas. Its near Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. It was Ranger High school. How interesting, most of my experiences occurred in and around Shawnee OK and few in Ark with my dads mother. Until blogs like this came along I never really thought much of those expereinces except that I always thought it was sad how prude our society has become.

I would be pretty sure that nothing like this occurred in New Zealand in the modern era aside from nude swimming at certain boys schools and the YMCA. In colonial times there was a degree of freedom for males to go naked in certain situations but restricted to what was called bathing at certain beaches and rivers some within the boundaries of colonial towns and at privately owned swimming pools open to the public. Bathing was segregated and only males could swim naked. In pre colonial times with Maori it was different again.

She graduated in I just thought I would tell you because I noticed that the date you added for Ranger High School was to A correction: Mixed nude swimming at high school did occur at the New Zealand alternative state secondary school, Four Avenues.

The school was located at Christchurch and established infrom a demand that the state system reflect alternative ways of life being promoted at that time. Four Avenues is associated with the Chippenham Commune, but alternative schools were set up elsewhere such as in Auckland becoming known the Auckland Metropolitan College.

In the same year I attended a meeting at the commune. This was also attended by the Head boy and girl and some of the school trustees.

Afterwards there was a discussion between those associated with the school about nude swimming, a point requested to be raised by the student body. The school had no swimming pool. The proposal was put into effect for the start of the summer season. I have no knowledge of what happened for any subsequent seasons and years.

A perusal of the literature on alternative schools does suggest that within the alternative schools movement as a whole that there was a general culture that permitted students to be naked at the swimming pool. Four Avenues closed in c. The Auckland College about the same time, c Gerald Davidson, interesting post about New Zealand.

That confirms what my grandmother told me about her life in in Texas.

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I talked to her again a couple of days ago, and asked her why nudity was not accepted on television or talked about in newspapers. She said You know what we called television in those days? We called it the funny box, or funny tube. She said anything on television was considered to be fantasy.

She said the news never mentioned that nude men and women took a walk outside. It never was necessary to mention because it was not unusual for people to see that. She also said that she supposed that there were regulations for television when it first came out.

I asked her if she ever did anything else nude besides PE or swimming class. She said one day in May her class and several other classes went to watch and compete in track and field day. The men competed nude. The ladies competed in swimsuits. On this one occasion she said it was very hot. She said the girls began sweating heavily and one of them passed out because of the heat.

A teacher picked up a horn and announced that the girls remove their swimsuits and they would compete nude. So both the boys and girls competed nude. She said because of the heat that day, the teachers did not want to take a chance on someone else passing out, so they allowed the girls and guys to go back to class nude because there was no air conditioning in the classrooms.

She said she and her friends went to class nude that day. The teacher opened windows in the classroom. She said many of the students left the class nude, and were picked up by parents while nude.

She said no one said a word about it.

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I asked her what the parents thought of their kids being nude, she said nothing. She said it was just as normal as seeing someone in clothes today. And to think that most teachers today freak out when a girl shows up to class in shorts that are cut above the knees.

How did we become so prudish? We became prudish in many ways. It started back in the early 60s when moms started questioning school boards about their sons being nude for their swim classes.

I think it was the moms who were embarrassed about the nudity far more than any of the students. To this day I have never seen a male or female student complain about the nudity, it was simply accepted as normal behaviour.

Then the porn industry also started making nudity into a sexual thing which has filtered down to parents now associating nudity with sex. Young men and boys now days are really afraid for any one to see their penises. They typically will not us urinals in public restrooms because of this.

So we now have several generations of what I call sissified boys and men that are totally scared of non sexual nudity. Four Avenues was established in the era in which there was a widespread rejection of existing social values by young people and a general alienation from society.

One of the demands raised related to social nudity, but not so much the right to be naked, but over the wearing of clothes.

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This is a subtle distinction. What was being sought was a climate in which you could choose to wear clothes or not and should the choice be nothing this would be not something for comment, something taken for granted and not worthy of observation and with total acceptance.

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Social nudity was a big feature of the Nambassa festivals. South Auckland.

Nude Men Swimming Pool stock pictures and images

The event struck a cord with young people who attended in their tens of thousands. It is thought between 70, -a higher estimate than that usually cited attended the festival. It is estimated that 5, went naked : this is a world record apparently. It was truly a golden age in NZ.

An online magazine about naturism in Second Life

The beach below at Homunga Bay in was especially popular. Within the Festival itself it was common to see naked people walking through the crowd at the venue this more in terms of what was being sort and there were a group naked for the duration of the three day event in front of the stage. The Festival the last. I recall being told by a visitor to our flat after the event how she had spent the entire time naked in the crowd and how this choice was totally accepted and respected.

The other niece of mine got into trouble for wearing shorts that were too short. I think the way people think now is so ridiculous. Do those teachers know that their moms and grandmothers probably swam nude and played nude sports with boys when they were in high school!??

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I had no idea. I did once or twice, but it was very rare. Stay tuned to the blog. Pingback: Nambassa Festival the sl naturist. Pingback: Nudie News.

Gerald Davidson, interesting story! I never knew that about New Zealand. Apparently nudity was the norm for a lot of places in the U. Is there a method of adding pictures or sending pictures to be added. I have two of the naked band and others at Nambassa, one of which shows nudity in the construction stage of the festival.

Paul LeValley my grandmother has some information for you about name of school redacted. She said that she had a friend named Barbara who graduated from name of school redacted. She said she and her parents moved from place name redacted to Dallas Texas, but Barbara stayed friends with her until Barbara got married and moved to Galveston in She said that Barbara mentioned to her that her gym class and swimming class at name of school redacted were also nude.

She said the boys ran track nude there too. She said Barbara came to visit her in Ranger, Texas every other weekend and she and her friend Dixie went nude to the lake many times. She said they left the house nude, and went straight to the lake.

Barbara told her that she swam nude with the boys at name of school redactedand she had a nude dance class!! Just thought I would let you know. Hope this info helps with your list! Thank, Jennifer. I transferred into a public high school in Queens, NY back in 61 as a sophomore and was surprised that students were required to take and pass a swim class in the schools indoor pool. Times were much simpler and wholesome back then.

When we camped out bathrooms and showers were hard to come by so people often bathed and changed in the openness of their campsites, No one really though much of it just like nudity of the swim teams. When I was 14, I can still remember a fun camping trip with my older brother where we canoed a lake chain in upstate N. After paddling all day in the hot summer sun and not having seen another person, we rounded a bend and finally found a lean-to site where a tree leaned out over the water with a rope hanging from it and decided to camp there.

After setting up camp, we took the seclusion as an opportunity to skinny dip in the crystal clear water where we took turns climbing the tree and using the rope to play Tarzan and swing out for a huge splash down. On one of my turns, I started to swing out when suddenly a canoe with 3 I assume girl scouts rounded the bend and they all stopped paddling as I was jumping and my brother was about to climb out. I was somewhat mortified as the older girl scout leader watched me and told the younger girls to paddle up to an adjacent secluded site to disembark for the nite!

Then their canoe was subsequently followed by 3 more and we waited till they all passed until we got out of the water. We knew they could see us in the clear water as they pointed and giggled as they resumed paddling by. As we paddled by the next morning after breaking camp, they waved and laughed again. Innocent and wholesome times! John, you are exactly right, Innocent and wholesome times!

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No one really cared that much if you were nude or not, they knew your intentions were good and to have fun. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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